33 Hilarious Parents Who Owned Their Kids On Snapchat

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The next generation is hilarious.

Welcome to the 2010s! Millennials are now actually having their own kids, and they're using a mobile app called Snapchat to take pictures of their children instead of a regular old camera. What's Snapchat, you ask? It's an application that you download onto your smart phone, whether it's an iPhone or an Android. Then, you use the application to take pictures in selfie mode or regular mode. You can even apply filters to the photos to make yourself look funny, and add captions or draw on the photos as well. Then you send them to your friends on Snapchat, and the pictures disappear forever unless your friend decided to take a screenshot of them. If that happens, you'll get notified that the person did take a screenshot. We are very lucky to be able to see the following hilarious Snapchat photos!

Modern parents have almost kind of become comedians when it comes to documenting the lives of their incredible children, and the results are absolutely hilarious. Don't believe us? Look through the slideshow below to see the funniest kids and parents EVER on Snapchat. We think you'll laugh out loud! Get Started