Parents, If You Do These 33 Things You're The Absolute Worst

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Please, tell us more about the poop!

Parenting... we get it, the struggle is real. But some lazy parents take the easy and often annoying way out when it benefits THEM. You know who I'm talking about (and I hope it isn't you). These are the parents who don't pay attention when their kid is throwing groceries in the aisle, or let their adorable tot take up all the time on the park swing so they can check Facebook. And speaking of Facebook, how about those irritating parents who share way more than anyone wants to know? Things like, "Matty finally figured out how to poop on his own!" complete with a photo, or humblebrags that their kid can count to 100 at the tender age of 2. Aww, so cute, right? We love when people bring their adorable infants to a high-end restaurant or a movie theater. And who doesn't enjoy playing peek-a-boo with someone's toddler on a plane for the entire 5-hour flight? Come on, join the fun!

Many annoying parenting things just can't be avoided. Kids will be kids, after all, and being annoying is basically in their nature. But there are some things that parents do that are just unforgivable, like taking the entire brood to an adults-only wedding or ignoring a public tantrum instead of quickly leaving the premises. UGH. We dare you to view this slideshow and see if you do any of these annoying parenting things! Get Started