23 Funny Things That Happened When The Kids Were Left Alone With Dad

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Dads are the best.

Not every family has a dad! Sometimes families have two moms, or a single mom, or any other number of valid family arrangements. That uniqueness makes the world go 'round! But the most common family type portrayed in the media and in stories is still a mom, a dad, and kids. And while, frankly, both parents are capable at fulfilling any parental role regardless of their gender, there's still a hilarious (and somewhat true) stereotype of dads being funny and ridiculous. I mean, that's where the phrase "dad jokes" comes from! If you had a dad, maybe he got you into some of these hilarious situations when you were growing up.

The pictures we found online from places like reddit, imgur, and Facebook are some of the funniest that we have ever seen in the entirety of our lives. (I hope I'm not overselling it here!) We straight up love these photos of kids and their fathers. It depicts a lot of harmless fun that went on while mom was gone on an errand, and the kids were left alone with dad. OF COURSE we should all choose to procreate with people who we can trust to be alone with our kids, especially in 2018 when moms are no longer expected to be the "main" parent. But dads are still a little more relaxed about things! Check it out. Get Started