29 Hilarious Pics Of Kids Who Absolutely Do Not Want Their Photograph Taken

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"Don't even think about it!"

Kids don't realize how good they have it. Mom and Dad buy everything for them and they are loved, nurtured and protected. For reasons unknown, this simple truth goes out the window when a wee one is confronted with a camera. No one knows exactly why children throw tantrums when they are doing something fun like playing on the beach, having a sugary snack, or faced with a comfy bed, but it can make an exasperated parent rethink a few family-planning decisions.

Whether the children in the following photos are going nuclear, crying, screaming or just having a daily conniption, once thing is for certain: none of them are going to make that precious memory you are trying to capture with your camera easy. If only we could tell them that this is the best time in their lives and things will only get tougher when they grow up and encounter actual problems instead of... whatever they are flipping out about in these hilarious photos. If you have a child that is perfectly behaved and who loves having their picture taken, that's cute (albeit highly unlikely). For the rest of you parents, you'll see glimpses of your own little angels in these contorted faces. Get Started